Teletalk will provide 20 lakh free SIM of women as well as 20 lakh SIM free women.
On Sunday (October 22), the lawyer of the Dhaka Lawyers Association said. State Minister for Post and Telecommunications Tarana Halim said this while addressing the Eid Purnamilani program organized by Tangail District Lawyers Kalyan Samiti in Zillur Rahman auditorium.


The State Minister said, after the announcement of free 20 lakh ‘Aparajita’ women for women, many men commented, ‘What are we blaming?’ They want to say, we will also give 20 million SIM free of men. Meanwhile, Tarana Halim announced the launch of the FourG facility by December this year.

In the meantime, the minister announced that Teletalk will distribute 20 lakh free SIMs across the country. Now women can call low prices and use the internet. 8 GB per week and 2 GB can be used at 14 GB. From today, free SIM will be available from Teletalk Retailer Center.


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Daily Bangladesh / TRH


Teletalk Free Internet Offer 2017


Source : Daily Bangladesh


Teletalk Free Internet Offer 2017